September is back to school month and there were plenty of brands keen to show off their new kits. We pick the best in class…


University student Lewis Hornby’s grandmother has dementia which means she’s at greater risk than others of suffering from dehydration. In thinking of ways to help her and others like his grandma, Lewis has created a social media storm with his new Jelly Drops invention.

 This tasty sweet treat is more than 90% water and in trials, Lewis’grandma consumed the equivalent to a cup full of water when first introduced to the treats. 

 We first saw the video for Jelly Drops on the ATTN: Facebook page (a media company) where it’s been watched more 12 million times. Other videos have appeared on other sites too with many people expressing an interest in purchasing the product.  

 Lewis is raising money to get his product into production on a JustGiving page.


Our favourite ads this month both use nostalgia to win hearts and minds.  Fiat’s new advert for the latest Fiat 500X is possibly one of the coolest car adverts we’ve ever seen. Telling the story of a 60s couple who time travel to the present day when their old Fiat 500 is hit by lightning, they keep driving and discover all the new Fiat 500X features along the way. The advert ends with the couple going back to their era, with lookers on gawping at the new car, and a very familiar looking traffic warden (you’ll have to watch to see who!). The full 2:30 video on Fiat’s Youtube channel has had over 28 million views at the time of writing.

John Lewis and Waitrose announced a major rebrand earlier in the month, adding the suffix “& partners” to both of their names. Each one of John Lewis and Waitrose’s employees are partners in the business and the company prides itself on customer service that goes above and beyond. As well as new logo designs, the business produced a new advert based on the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. Reflecting the brand message of working together as partners, the cute story of a school production bears all the hallmarks of the great Christmas ads the retailer has become famous for.


As well as launching new platform BBC Reel, the Beeb has rebranded BBC2 with new idents for the first time in 20 years. The new look leaves the number 2 behind in all its various guises and uses the curved shape associated with a number 2 instead. The idents were created by 16 different animators – including Wallace & Gromit studio Aardman - and reflect a diverse range of different interpretations and styles. The music has been composed by Alex Baranowski, using the same two notes to create a soundscape for each animation. The rebrand will be seen across all platforms.