Facebook’s shock announcement has sent many people in a spin and social media managers scratching their heads as to what it all means.

Is it the deathnell to brands if Facebook's news algorithm chooses your friends and family interactions over your company or organisation’s posts?

Of course it’s not. Facebook has been on this path for a long time. It’s a business and if you’re a brand, you need to pay to get eyeballs to your posts. Only now, you’ll be competing for less space.

This won’t be the last surprise announcement from Facebook so keep calm and carry on! What you need to do is take stock and ensure you review your strategy and adjust accordingly.

Here’s my round up of tips, distilled in part from the dozens of articles I’ve read on the subject over the past few weeks.

  • You should be posting less if you’re posting on Facebook now so review how much you time you spend posting and use that spare time to invest in using Facebook’s other features like groups, live or chat bots. Or look at investing in resources off Facebook such as PR or blog writing.
  • Craft fewer posts but make them compelling and conversational in approach.
  • Review your Facebook advertising strategy - can it be improved?
  • Ask your super fans to make sure they use the See First Feature which ensures your latest post goes to the top of their newsfeeds.
  • Use Facebook Live regularly – Facebook likes this format.
  • If you don’t use them already, then investigate using Facebook Groups.

Good luck with your tweaking and do drop us a line in the comments below and let us know how your revisions are working out. 

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About the author: Wendy Richmond

Wendy has been editing and writing magazines since primary school, and now ghost writes blogs, media columns and social media content.