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Instagram has updated its mobile web version so that users can now post stories directly from the web. This means that you do not need to have the app to post stories. However, the feature is still pretty basic and many of Instagram’s app features for stories such as video are not yet available. Read more here.

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Twitter has confirmed it is testing its new ‘Tweetstorm’ feature, which will allow users to more easily create threads of connected tweets. Users will be able to write tweets one by one then click the ‘Tweet all’ button to post them as a tweetstorm thread. Twitter will then post them all together in the correct order. In the past, users have used multiple tweets with numbers at the end such as 1/3 to indicate they are going to carry on the message in that tweet. The new tweet storm feature will benefit users who want to create threads of tweets without them getting lost or split up.  Think this feature could be a good one for you? Read more here.

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LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature called ‘Career Advice’ to its UK, US, Indian and Australian users. Professionals can choose to be a career advice mentor and will come up on the new career advice hub. Users can then swipe through potential mentors until they find someone that matches what they are looking for, based on what sort of help they need. In need of a LinkedIn mentor? More information here.