This week we've found new features that are either being tested or have been launched on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. Facebook seems to be the busiest social network right now, with two new features up for grabs. Read on to find out more and click the links at the end of each post for the full story. 


Facebook tests new 'Pinterest-like' feature

Facebook is currently testing a 'Sets' feature with select users around the world, aiming to encourage people to share their hobbies and interests in a creative new way. Sets users can share their statuses, photos and videos in one post - like a Pinterest board.  What do you think about Facebook 'pinching' from Pinterest? Will it encourage users to make the switch? More here.


Facebook takes on LinkedIn

Facebook is extending its 'Work and Education' section to become more like a CV/Resumé. The new feature allows users to add their professional experience and education along with contact information and a photo. Fortunately, any potential employees viewing your CV will not be able to see any status updates, photos or videos you've uploaded - so your personal Facebook will remain separate. There is no set date when we can expect this feature to appear yet. More here.


WhatsApp are following the Snapchat map trend and introducing their own location tracking feature. Users will be able to share their location with individuals or groups by clicking the attach option in a chat window, and then selecting how long they would like to share their location for. The user's profile image will show up on a map and move in real-time as the user travels. Following negative criticism of Snapchat's map feature, we are unsure whether this is a good move for WhatsApp. This feature could be useful, but if users don't restrict who can see where they are, especially young or vulnerable people, such location features could pose a safety risk. Read more here.


Twitter is working hard on updating its safety rules and policies, as well as increasing its efforts to enforce them. They have uploaded a calendar on their blog so users can see when new rules are coming into force and how any instances of breaking them will be dealt with. This process is starting this Friday 27th October and will be running right the way through to January. You can see the safety calendar here.

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