Facebook is currently testing a feature that provides information on article publishers; this is to help reduce the reach of fake news. When an article comes up in your newsfeed an ‘I’ icon will appear next to it, which will bring up additional information about the article and its publisher. If this information is not available, Facebook will make this clear, explicitly showing users that the article may not be from a legitimate source. Facebook recently said in a statement, "We'll continue to listen to people's feedback and work with publishers to provide people easy access to the contextual information that helps people decide which stories to read, share, and trust, and to improve the experiences people have on Facebook," - Via www.engadget.com

Similar to Facebook, YouTube have also cracked down on their search algorithms to make sure that videos shown on YouTube are more reliable and trustworthy. This comes after the site had videos appearing in the top search results that gave fake information about the recent Las Vegas Shooting. At the end of last week, YouTube started displaying videos with more legit sources at the top of its search results, however YouTube has not revealed how it determines what sources are trustworthy. Via www.theverge.com

Instagram’s new feature this week could be a favourite for marketers. Last week, Instagram launched its new Instagram Stories feature which allows you to create a poll for anyone who watches your story to vote in! The poll question/topic and answers are both customisable and can be changed to anything you like. The poll is available on your story for 24 hours, as are the results, and by going into your stories viewers list, you can see not only what option was voted for more, but also which users voted for what. This could be a great new way for marketers to get consumer feedback and opinions. Read more here - www.instagram-press.com

After Twitter recently announced its testing of the 280-character limit, there's been no more news on the Twitter front. However, The Independent have written a brilliant article on 11 useful Twitter features you probably haven't heard of... and they're right because most of these were even a mystery to me! From advanced search to data usage settings... Click the link to go straight to the full list! - www.independent.co.uk

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