Lets talk about Facebook first... Last week Facebook announced new messenger updates that will use artificial intelligence to make conversations easier.

 Facebook Messenger’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’ assistant, ‘M’ now offers three new features to make chatting on the app more efficient. The first of these is that the app’s bot will now provide a series of quick or ‘suggested’ replies, generated by scanning the message for keywords or questions and then providing common pre-set responses. For example if a friend asks you how you are, it may come up with ‘Good’ ‘Ok’ or ‘Not well’. The second feature is that ‘M’ will now suggest GIFs as replies to messages, using the same technology as the first feature to find GIFs appropriate to the conversation content. Finally, Facebook has teamed up with Fandango which will allow Messenger to suggest nearby show times of films and where to buy tickets, if the users have been talking about that film. Is this intrusive or helpful? What do you think? Read more - www.cnbc.com

Here's some great news for YouTubers everywhere!

The YouTube creator app has gone through an upgrade and changed its name to ‘YouTube Studio.’ This mobile app allows you to create and upload videos from your mobile device. New to the app is the ability to schedule your posts to the best time and date for your subscribers, as well as still being able to set the video as public, unlisted or private. As well as this, they have added a new subscriber count card on the top of your dashboard, so you can now see subscribers from the mobile app, not just online. Finally, the on-the-go insights feature has been updated so you will now get tips on how to make the most out of the activity on your channel and how to keep subscribers engaged.

Now here's a feature we love. Instagram are winning right now!

Instagram’s new features this week are all about making the app a healthier, happier and safer place. The first feature allows you to block certain users from commenting on your posts to avoid mean, demoralising or embarrassing comments. The second feature is one that upgrades June’s ‘blocking offensive comments’ feature – which automatically blocks offensive comments. This has now been expanded to different languages such as Arabic, French and German. The final feature, and my personal favourite, is that you can anonymously report a live video to Instagram if you find it worrying and feel the user may be in danger. This then sends out a message to the user offering them extra support, such as to talk to a trained helpline volunteer. Good job Instagram for trying to make social media a safer place.

And last but not least... Twitter is DOUBLING its character count?!

Twitter is currently testing a new feature that doubles the 140 character limit to 280. This is a way of Twitter trying to keep users from leaving the platform, as previously users have struggled to ‘cram’ their messages into 140 characters. However, this feature isn’t receiving the best feedback, as languages such as Japanese can condense their language enough to fill the 140 character limit, therefore the 280 limit is unnecessary. Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen says “It should be easy to express yourself no matter what language you tweet in” , explaining the reasons behind testing the new 280-character feature. 

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