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Facebook is plucking some inspiration from image-sharing social media site Snapchat as it tests a new messaging streak feature. When two users have been messaging for 2 days or more, an emoji will pop up by their name in messenger, in a bid to keep them engaged. This isn't the first time Facebook has adopted Snapchat's features - in the past they have added stories and filters to Messenger, both Snapchat's original features. You can read more here.

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Online financial service Paypal has teamed up with Facebook to allow users to create and send invoices over Messenger. Users must fill out information such as item name, price and quantity which will be put onto an invoice and sent to the buyer, who will then have the option to pay with PayPal one touch. Could this help your business? Read more here.

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Twitter is following in the footsteps of Facebook and Instagram by testing a new 'Save for later' feature that they plan to call 'Bookmarks'. This will allow users to flag tweets and review them again later. You can read more here, but if that's not enough check out @tinastsh on Twitter, who is one of the people involved in the creation process of this new feature.