This week we've found new features that are either being tested or have been launched on Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn.  Read on to find out more and click the links at the end of each post for the full story. 

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Instagram has launched its new 'Go Live' feature this week that allows users to broadcast live videos with their friends/family members. This feature is available globally for all users now and means that users can live stream with another user. The screen will split in two so both users are visible. Read more here.

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WhatsApp are currently planning a new group voice call feature which will allow multiple users to voice call each other at the same time. This feature is being tested behind closed doors and will be expected to roll out early 2018. As well as this, WhatsApp are working on a recall feature called 'delete for everyone' where users can un-send their messages within 7 minutes of sending them, as long as the receiver has not yet opened the message. This will work for text messages, photos, videos, GIFs, contact cards, but not for quoted messages or broadcasted messages. Read more here.


LinkedIn is introducing a new smart reply feature in its messaging app which will give users automated responses they can use whilst chatting. This feature is launching in English first then will roll out to other languages in the future. This may have appeared for users in the past, however LinkedIn is now using more AI tools to make the feature more sophisticated and professional. Read more here.

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