From Facebook's new weird and wonderful icebreaker questions to Instagram's new story archives and highlight features, this week has been exciting for new social media features. Read on to find out more and click the links at the end of each post for the full story. 

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Facebook has introduced a new ‘did you know?’ feature, which asks users to answer icebreaker questions on their profiles. The questions are definitely random with my Facebook asking me to answer statements such as “the cartoons that I could never get tired of watching are…” and “the vegetable I hate the most is…” To access the questions you click to compose a status update then choose the ‘answer a question’ option from the three dots dropdown. It is said that Facebook is using questions as a way of trying to get people to share more status updates and communicate with their friends more, as Facebook is being heavily taken over by brands and news stories... or do they just want to get even more personal information from you? Click here to read more.

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Facebook has brought back the old poke feature but also created new options. After the addition of the hello/wave button in June, the platform has expanded this by bringing back the poke feature, as well as adding a hug, wink and high-five. These options can be found by holding down the hello button on another user’s profile on mobile or hovering over the option on a desktop. These extra options bring more ways of interacting with friends by building on an established feature. You can read more here.

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Last week, Instagram added two new features – story archives and story highlights. Archives is a new feature which saves a user's story to a private section of their profile so that you don’t lose it after 24 hours. From here you can re-share posts on your story, save them to your device or share as a post on your profile. As well as this, you can use the new highlights feature. Highlights are essentially a collection of your best story moments, chosen by you, which appear publicly on your profile in a circle button just like stories would. These highlights stay on your profile for as long as you want and can be collections of whatever you choose – for example Christmas party photos or your latest product lines. This feature makes it easier for users to re-share content in a variety of different ways and also means you won’t accidentally lose any of your content, as it is all automatically saved for you. There's more on this feature here.


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