With just over a month to go until GDPR comes into effect, here is the latest roundup from some of the social media platforms on their compliance. 


Last week, Facebook emailed its updated terms for using the platform after May 25th. The platform says it is now easier for you to control your data, privacy and security settings as they are all in one place. The data and cookie policies have also been updated. The email asks you to “Review Now” and takes you to a short form, which allows you to choose what data can be shared and what data can be used for targeting ads. You can read the full story

Instagram will soon be launching a feature that allows users to download a copy of their data – including everything you have ever shared on the platform. This allows Instagram to comply with GDPR by making data portable and easily viewable by the user, which will also mean they can ask for any data to be deleted upon request. You can read more here.

WhatsApp have also signed a public agreement with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stating that it will no longer be sharing data with parent-company Facebook, until it can find a way to do so which complies with the GDPR law. Here is the full story.