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Media regulators from around the world are teaming up with Ofcom in an attempt to protect the public from harmful content online. Together, media regulators want a clampdown on what can and cannot be posted online. They have identified six key areas which need to be monitored including child exploitation and self-harm. You can read the full article here.

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Announced by Instagram on Instagram Stories last Thursday, the platform has now added the ability for users to send GIFs via private message (Instagram Direct). The GIF button will source GIFs from partner GIPHY and you can search GIFs by keyword or pick one of the trending GIFs that are shown to you upon opening the feature. You can also type in a keyword then click the “random” button to send a random GIF that matches your keyword. The feature is available for one-to-one conversations, as well as group chats and is another way Instagram is serving its younger audience. Read more.

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After previously allowing Facebook Pages managers the ability to create their own Groups linked to their Pages, they will now be able to join Pages made by others. This feature is a really positive update for many as it will enable Page owners to engage with their communities/fans/followers on other user domains in a more meaningful and personal way. There’s more on this feature here.

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Many fans have been left confused and unhappy about the changes to newsfeeds across a wide range of social platforms. Twitter, however, seems to be the one listening to its fans, after it announced last week that it will be reverting its newsfeed in order to bring back the chronological feed. There is now a choice to opt out of the algorithmic feed, which attempted to put the “best tweets first”, and go back to seeing the most recent tweets from people they follow in order. Twitter aims to develop a version of the timeline in the future that will allow users to switch between the chronological and algorithmic feed easily.  There’s more on this here.

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Instagram is working on new features to improve users experience even more. A rumoured feature that will be brilliant if implemented is a “hashtag selector.” Spotted by a TechCrunch researcher, it seems Instagram may be adding a new option to posts called “add hashtags” where users will be able to add hashtags to their posts without writing them in the captions. This feature could definitely make Instagram appear less “spammy” and can help Instagram to filter posts more effectively as maybe more people would use hashtags if they were hidden. To find out more on other features Insta is rumoured to be working on read here.