There's news from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn this week. Read on to find out more and click the links at the end of each post for the full story. 

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Facebook is slowly unveiling a new feature, which enables you to post lists as status updates. Using the same colourful backgrounds as text status updates, lists will enable you to name your list and add content to it. You could post your new year’s resolutions or maybe list your favourite films. It seems that Facebook is trying to continue making Facebook more personal and encouraging interaction amongst friends and family. You can read more about the new list feature here.

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Twitter is aiming to stamp out fake news on its platform by partnering up with local news stations. This was put to the test during the recent school shooting in America where Twitter streamed WSVN 7 live on the platform during the Florida shooting. The live stream would appear when people searched for information related to the shooting. The stream got over 50,000 viewers and even though Twitter knows this feature won’t completely get rid of the spreading of fake news on the platform, they hope this feature will help people stay more informed with credible sources. Read more here.

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LinkedIn have added a new feature to LinkedIn Recruiter called the LinkedIn scheduler. This enables you to link your work calendar (Google or Office 365) to the site so that people can easily schedule interviews with you through InMail. The social site will show the slots available in your calendar and allow others to choose what suits them – without you even having to do anything! This feature is only available to premium and recruiter users. Read more about this new feature on LinkedIn’s site.