There's news from Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram this week! Read on to find out more and click the links at the end of each post for the full story. 

Facebook is adding two new features to Facebook Stories – 3D drawings and Boomerangs. The new 3D drawings feature allows users to create 3D drawings using AR on their photos and videos. The app will also be adding Instagram’s well-loved Boomerang feature to the platform which are basically “GIF-like” videos. Are these new features a way for Facebook Stories to try and become more popular? You can read more here. Watch the video below to see 3D drawings in action.

LinkedIn is currently enabling users to include GIFs in its messaging platform. Some may say this is a strange move from LinkedIn, but it is interesting nevertheless. LinkedIn have teamed up with Tenor (online GIF search engine and database) to provide this new service for its members. Visuals are becoming increasingly important in the way we now communicate with GIFs and Emojis being popularly used across the board. But consider who you are talking to and the nature of the conversation before using GIFs on the platform! Read LinkedIn’s announcement here.


Instagram has introduced two new features this week for Stories – Focus and Mention Stickers. Focus, like the iPhone X camera feature, allows photos of people to be taken in focus with the background softly blurred to create a professional-looking photo. You can also take videos with the feature, allowing the subject to stand out in a striking way. The Mention Stickers feature will allow users to add stickers to their stories that tag their friends – making it easier to connect with friends on the Stories section of the site. Read more here.

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