Facebook and Instagram are both changing their newsfeed algorithms, whilst WhatsApp is adding new controls for group chat admins. Read on to find out more and click the links at the end of each post for the full story. 

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Facebook will soon be changing the algorithm of its newsfeed to favour posts from Facebook friends, over brands, news and ads. Zuckerberg says the current newsfeed “is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.” But what does this mean for brands and businesses that rely solely on Facebook to advertise? Will their content sink to the bottom of the newsfeed never to be seen again? This article explores some of the likely impacts.

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Instagram has also been changing its platforms algorithm, but in a different way to Facebook. Instead of keeping Instagram as a platform to interact with friends, Instagram are pushing a new feature called “recommended for you” which will put random posts onto newsfeeds by users that they don’t follow, based on posts they have liked previously – essentially lifting the “explore” tab and integrating it into your newsfeed. Users are not happy with this new feature. It is interesting that Facebook and Instagram seem to be going in completely different directions, especially when the same company owns them.

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WhatsApp are currently testing a new feature, which will allow group chat admins to dismiss other admins, demoting them to group member status. This comes with the testing of a previously announced feature, where group admins can silence a group chat and stop all members from talking, apart from admins. If these two new features roll out to the app they will give admins more power, and hopefully make group chats less annoying and spam-filled! Just imagine how the conversations will go the next day at work when people ask why you dismissed their admin role, or shut them up via the silencing of the group chat… awkward! Read more here.

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