Last week, Instagram rolled out a new feature which allows any user to apply for verification on the app. When verified, uses get a blue tick next to their name on their profile, which shows the rest of the Instagram community that that is the legit Instagram account for that individual or business. Before, this was only available through Instagram’s discretion, but now anyone can apply for verification through the form in their profile’s settings. To apply for verification, go into your settings and click “request verification” then fill out the form – it is important to note that Instagram may not verify your account on request. Here’s more on the Instagram verification story.

As well as introducing the ability to apply for verification, Instagram is launching more new features to increase safety on the platform. One new feature planned for the coming month is called “about this account” and will allow users to see more info about accounts with large followings – such as when they joined Instagram, country they are based in, accounts with shared followers, any username changes in the past year and any ads they are running on their account. This is to help increase security and safety on the app and reduce impersonation of celebrities and public figures.
Another way Instagram is upping its security is by adding support for third-party authentication apps. Users will now be able to use them to log into Instagram safely. This will be a new form of two-factor authentication and can be used instead of the mobile security codes.

Here is Instagram’s official blog post on the new features.


A year after Facebook launched viewing service “Facebook Watch” in the US, the company is making it globally available. More than 50 million people in the US watch videos for at least a minute every month in Facebook Watch. You can read Facebook’s blog post here.