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Facebook announced last week that over 50 million users had their personal data exposed to hackers in an attack on the platform. It is said that hackers used a fault in the code of the “View As” feature (which allows users to view their profile as specific friends or the public to see what posts are visible) to steal users Facebook access tokens, which allowed hackers to login to accounts without the password. Facebook logged these 50 million users out of the platform on all places they were logged in (including any apps – such as Instagram) and also logged out over 40 million accounts that had used the “view as” feature in the last year. Users were told why they had been logged out in a security notice at the top of their newsfeeds.

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Facebook announced the 115 participants of its new community leadership programme. Launched in February, the programme will be a “global initiative that invests in people building communities”, such as “breastfeeding support for Indian mothers”. Facebook will be giving out up to $10 million in grants that will go directly to these leaders to help them with funding their projects.

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A slightly different story this week, but one that shows the never-ending capabilities of social networking sites. EasyJet has launched a new app called  “Look&Book” which allows Instagram users to screenshot photos of locations that they are interested in. They can then upload the screenshot to the Look&Book app which finds where the photo was taken and helps you to find flights and accommodation to that place. Long gone is Instagram holiday-envy, as this app makes it easy for you to find and visit those “Instagrammable”
places too!

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LinkedIn and Microsoft are making it easier to collaborate with new features for the Office 365 LinkedIn integration. They have recently added two new features… the first is that any meetings in your Office 365 calendar that are linked with contacts on LinkedIn will now pull insights about that person/people from the platform to help you make your meetings more personal and effective. The second feature enables you to email or co-author content in Word, Powerpoint and Excel to your first-degree LinkedIn connections without the need to save email addresses. This means that collaboration with people on LinkedIn is easier than ever before.