Last week, Facebook’s new feature appeared on our mobile apps quite unexpectedly. Facebook now displays on your profile how long it has been since you were last active or if you are active currently. I don’t just mean on the messenger app either. Facebook is now letting others see when you are active on your Facebook newsfeed. You can see this information for yourself, or anyone that you are friends with, and by simply clicking ‘active’ under your icon, you can see a list of everybody else who is active at that time. To turn the feature off from your mobile, click active under your profile image and then click ‘Facebook chat settings’ and turn the slider off. We’re finding this feature a bit creepy at By This River, but at least you can turn it off though, right? – Via

Some less creepy news on the Facebook front is that you can now launch the Instagram app directly from Facebook! This new feature is being launched to make it easier for Facebook users to be able to access their Instagram profile straight from Facebook. A link will appear below your profile link on the navigation bar allowing you quick access. The new feature will be able to easily tell you how many of your Facebook friends are on Instagram and vice-versa so you can connect easily with your friends on both sites. This feature will be launching to Facebook users gradually from now. – Via

Away from Facebook, we have some Twitter news that regular “Tweeters” may approve of. Twitter is launching a new ‘popular articles’ feature, which finds articles that other users on your Twitter feed are talking about, or articles that may be relevant to you based on what is popular with users in your area. The popular articles section can be found under the explore tab on the mobile app and will make reading things you’re interested in much easier. Twitter has confirmed this will start to appear in app for Android and iOS users. – Via

Onto Instagram…Do you ever sit scrolling through ‘following’ lists on Instagram to check someone is following you back? Well now you don’t have to as Insta is testing it’s new ‘Follows you’ feature. This feature will allow users to see if an account is following them just by going onto the users profile  – pretty much like Twitter, so a bit slow on that one Insta! However, Instagram is going that one step further as their new feature will alert people when you’ve stopped following them – awkward!
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Speaking of Instagram, we have recently joined the Instagram scene. Please give us a follow @ByThisRiverltd.

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