Facebook is set to roll out its 'Facebook stories' feature to all pages - including brands, charities and celebrities from this month. When this feature is introduced it means that users will see stories of pages they currently like or follow in the stories section of the platform (at the top of your newsfeed). The content from the page's stories will not show up on a user's newsfeed unless the page chooses the content to be shared. Due to Facebook stories being a largely ignored feature (in comparison to the popular Instagram and Snapchat stories) we are unsure whether this will become a popular feature or not, however maybe it could be a fun new way for pages to engage with their audience? Read more here.

YouTube is currently testing a new autoplay feature on its mobile app. This means that when you open the app the video at the top of your home page will start playing automatically, and as you scroll through, the different videos will autoplay and the previous one will stop. This new feature follows Instagram, Facebook and Twitter's use of autoplay videos, which hasn't had the most positive of feedback... According to the Independent, 'autoplay is seen as one of the most annoying things on the internet', and I definitely agree! There's nothing worse than jumping out of your skin when Instagram randomly plays a video with sound with no warning at all! YouTube's autoplay videos will thankfully play silently with subtitles as a substitute, until sound is clicked on by the user. What do you think about autoplay videos? Annoying or useful for engagement?

Twitter is slowly introducing its new 'happening now' feature, starting with sporting events in America. This will display at the top of your timeline, showing events you may be interested in. When clicking on these events you will be able to see what users are tweeting about the event. Twitter expects that over the next few months this feature will roll out to other topics such as breaking news and entertainment stories. Read more

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